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The Dallas Safari Club wishes to announce to its membership that we have entered into a partnership with Silent Predator. The purpose of this partnership is to bring you premier wool camouflage hunting clothes both for men and women. These clothes will bear the DSC Logo and depending on the garment, will be lined with Silent Predator’s top lining Tri-Laminate. It is made of two pieces of fleece laminated on each side of a windproof and waterproof liner.

These garments are made of wool from Pendleton Woolen Mills. They are cut and sewn in Manitoba Canada and made at the time of order.

These garments will be available for sale from the physical DSC Store at the DSC convent and events. In addition we are making these garments available for sale on-line at the Dallas Safari Club Store. Those individuals who do not fit in standard sizes, will have the ability online to convey that fact and have a Silent Predator dealer contact them to address their sizing issues and insure they receive a garment that fits.

Please be sure to allow 6-8 weeks for your order, as these garments are not made in advance. There are cut and sewn to order.